Best Home Office Shredder Reviews-Powershred PS-79Ci Cross-Cut Shredder

home office shredder Best Home Office Shredders Reviews
  • Superior paper jam prevention for personal shredder use
  • Shreds 12 sheets per pass into 5/32" x 1-1/2" cross-cut particles
  • NEW 100% Jam Proof System eliminates paper jams by preventing overloads and powering through misfeeds
  • SilentShredTM offers ultra-quiet shredder performance for shared workspaces
  • Enhanced shredder safety - patented SafeSense® Technology stops shredder immediately when hands are too close
List Price: $ 459.98 / Price: $ 199.99
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Best Home Office Shredders Reviews-Paper jams are frustrating. That’s why Fellowes® built the first 100% Jam Proof System for the Powershred™ line. Featuring this innovative technology, the Powershred™ PS-79Ci Cross-Cut Shredder electronically measures paper thickness to eliminate jams and power through tough jobs. Our higher standards ensure you get the most reliable shredder you can buy – safer, faster, easier to use, and 100% Jam Proof. How does the 100% Jam Proof System work? The Fellowes® Powershred™ PS-79Ci features a sophisticated sensor that measures the thickness of each paper stack you feed into the shredder. If you put in too much, our proprietary technology automatically stops the paper jam before it occurs. Similar to a traffic light which lets a driver know when they can proceed, an indicator light lets you know when you are nearing sheet capacity. A green to yellow light signals that you are within capacity. A red light signals that the shredder has been overfed and the machine will automatically stop, so you can remove excess paper to resume shredding. The PS-79Ci also detects when paper has been mis-fed or fast-fed into the shredder by turbo-powering through the job or reversing out the paper for easy removal. It’s an efficient system that will even shred your skepticism! ( Best office shredder )
home office shredder
List Price: $ 459.98

Price: $ 199.99