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Shredders On SalePaper Shredders On Sale-Fellowes Powershred P-57Cs Shredder, The innovative Fellowes P-57Cs with patent-pending SafeSense technology features an active sensor that stops shredding immediately when paper entry is touched. Designed for light duty shredding in the home or home office, the Fellowes Powershred P-57Cs reduces documents to 5/32" x 2" higher-security confetti particles, and shreds up to 8 sheets per pass, 10-20 times per day, for a total daily capacity as high as 160 sheets.Shredders On Sale ( 472 customer reviews )

Price: $64.87

Paper Shredders On Sale- P-57Cs Shredder
Shredders On Sale  

Equipped with a 9" wide paper entry, the P-57Cs easily accepts standard letter or legal size documents. The durable steel cutters also accept credit cards and staples. Electronic auto start/stop features ensures quick& easy automatic shredder operation. Shredder is open in front for disposal of non-shredded waste as well as allowing the user to see when 5-gallon wastebasket is full. The P-57Cs also has a pivoting head with a handle that makes waste removal quick and easy. Sheet capacity gauge helps prevent paper jams, while the reverse function easily removes paper jams. Fellowes provides a three-year warranty on the cutter.

Technical Details

  • Reduces documents to 5/32 x 2 inch higher-security confetti particles
  • 9-inch wide paper entry shreds up to 8 sheets per pass
  • Durable steel cutters shred standard letter and legal-sized documents, credit cards, and staples
  • Includes 5-gallon wastebasket
  • 3-year limited manufacturer's warranty
  • Product Dimensions: 16.8 x 15.5 x 11.2 inches ; 16.4 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 17 pounds 
  • Shipping: Currently, item can be shipped only within the U.S.
  • ASIN: B000I8ZULI
What's in the Box:
Wastebasket, machine with power cord, user's guide, warranty card

We test every shredder as part of the production process. Any paper debris remaining in your shredder is from our testing to ensure your satisfaction.

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

3 of 9 people found the following review helpful:
Good for shredding letters from judgemental sisters and family., December 28, 2008
By Wood Wren "Wren" (U.S.A.)(TOP 1000 REVIEWER)  
This review is from: Fellowes 32057 Powershred P-57Cs Shredder (Electronics)

For the money, you can hardly beat this one. I use it to shred all those literally hundreds of credit card shill letters I receive. But most importantly, I use it to shred correspondence from my family, especially my anal-retentive sister who is constantly writing me telling me I am doomed to spend eternity in hell if I do not change my ways. I use to go into a complete rage when receiving these letters and was receiving many paper cuts from ripping them, the letters, to shreds. With this handy little inexpensive gadget, I get great satisfaction if watching the hateful words being reduced to little thin strips of nothing.

I also receive letters from overly aggressive friends I have spent brief evenings or weekends with and which do not know how to let go and do not understand the concept of "ships passing in the night." Some of these letters would mortify me if I died and I knew my prudish sister read them; which she would and would delight in sharing them with the rest of the family.

This machine is quite, efficient and attractive, if any machine can truly be called attractive. I have had no problems with it. The cost was certainly reasonable. I only shred one page at a time as I get a kick out of it for some reason and I try to make the moment last, especially with those horrid letters from my sister.

I very much recommend this Fellow Shredder product and I hope you have a nicer sister than I and have no need for this machine.

P.S. If you get really, really angry and try to stuff all ten pages of a letter in at once, the machine dose go clunky on you sometimes.

4 of 7 people found the following review helpful:
Fellowes Powershred P-57C, May 12, 2007, By Fire Pro
This review is from: Fellowes 32057 Powershred P-57Cs Shredder (Electronics)

The reviewed item does do a good job on shredding, but I have yet to test it to a full sheaf of eight pages (the manufacturer's capability rating) because the recently acquired unit is a replacement for another Fellowes shredder (P-54) that internally disintegrated. I best explain that comment by saying that the plastic holding grip on the underside of the shredder shattered due, I believe from fatigue or maybe just normal wear and tear. Nonethe less, the replaced shredder, was, itself, a replacement for the first identical shredder. The replacement shredder was to replace the first shredder due to a failure in the electronic/electrical control circuitry of the originally purchased item. To sum all of this, three shredders have been in my office, and two of them failed. This current unit does seem to be performing well.

The major criticism of the current (and the previous units) is that the size of the basket that is used to capture the shredder material could be about twice as large, especially since the new shredder basket is the same size as the previous shredders, but is supposed to be capable of shredding fifty percent more paper (i.e., more frequent disposal occasions). A consideration in my purchase was based upon price and capability, and I am not unhappy of my choice. Now, I am hoping that if anything goes wrong with the current unit (one year manufacturer's warranty - keep your receipt and warranty information) that the event occurs during the first year.

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
It works like it says..., July 30, 2007, By THE RICK (Ohio, USA)
This review is from: Fellowes 32057 Powershred P-57Cs Shredder (Electronics)

The description is correct. It works very well, cuts the pages into small strips. Sometimes I need to open envelopes and feed the paper unfolded (naturally, if there are 3 or more pages tri folded). But, it does work very well, and, although this may not matter to most purchasing this shredder...I find a lot of fun in working this.

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
Great Home Shredder, July 3, 2007,By Tesoro-Hunter (Louisville, OH)
This review is from: Fellowes 32057 Powershred P-57Cs Shredder (Electronics)

Works great for light use. If your looking to get rid of sensitive mail, or items printed from your computer, confetti cutting is the way to go.The automatic on/off feature is real nice, along with the large basket. If this is going to be your first shredder, you can't go wrong by purchasing this one.

Paper Shredders On Sale -Fellowes Powershred P-57Cs Shredder