Royal 14-Sheet MicroCut Shredder (MC14MX)-best micro cut shredder

best micro cut shredder
best micro cut shredder
14 Sheet Micro Cut Shredder

Price: $ 269.99 / $ 90.99

Handles CD’s & DVD’sPull Out BasketMicro Cut ShredderUp to 14 Sheets at one PassAuto Start/Stop

best micro cut shredder

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Very nice shredder, June 22, 2011By Joe Fife “CaptJoe” (McKinney,Texas) –

This review is from: Royal 14-Sheet MicroCut Shredder (MC14MX) (Office Product)

Do not believe the “other” ones review on here. Some people need to lay on a couch and consult a professional. If you plan to use this for home use, it is perfect. Is it a tad slow? Maybe, but it shines when it shreds. This should be more than enough for home use. And the good part is because it shreds a piece if paper into 1500 micro pieces, you can just throw it in your recycle trash can with no worries about bad people putting these pieces back together. Not gonna happen. This is a great machine. And I bought it at Sams Club for 99.88. Even better! The “tinkly” noise whom one person was concerned with is normal for the machine. All that noise is are the cutters doing what they are suppose to do.