Fellowes Powershred 59Cb Cross-Cut Shredder with Jam Blocker Technology-fellowes shredder

Posted on January 26, 2013 by crosxscut

fellowes shredder
fellowes shredder
Powershred PS-59Cb Cross-Cut Shredder is designed for personal deskside use. Jam Blocker Technology blocks jams before they start. Patented Safety Lock disables shredder for added safety protection. 1-year product and service warranty plus 5 years on cutters. Shreds 9 sheets per pass into 5/32″ x 2″ cross-cut particles (Security Level 3). 4-gallon pull-out bin. Dimensions: 16.5″H x 10.4″W x 16.4″D.

Price: $ 219.99 / $ 86.43

Deskside shredder with Jam Blocker for personal useShreds 9 sheets per pass into 5/32″ x 2″ cross-cut particles (Security Level 3)Jam Blocker Technology blocks jams before they startPatented Safety Lock disables shredder for added safety protection4-gallon pull-out bin

fellowes shredder

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Nice shredder, but bundle of 9 sheets jammed it, December 22, 2011By FlamingoNut “Tracey” (NJ) –

This review is from: Fellowes Powershred 59Cb Cross-Cut Shredder with Jam Blocker Technology (Office Product) Customer review from the Amazon Vine™ Program (What’s this?)

This Fellowes replaces an older Aurora strip cut shredder (AS1200MSB), whose basket filled quite fast. I generally hold all of my shredding (receipts, shipping sheets, banking statements, credit card offers & their respective checks they try to get you to use) in a basket and shred after the paperwork starts piling above the basket (about 3″ worth). With the strip cut, the basket filled very fast and had to be emptied frequently, I’d say about 6-7 times with my 3″ pile. With this cross-cut, I’ve only done a little more than 2″ of paperwork and have only emptied it twice, and both times the basket wasn’t packed full.
The shredder itself is a lot heavier than the Aurora, and a few inches wider (also, odder shaped; wider up front & thinner down back, unlike the rectangular Aurora). I have encountered 2 instances where the JAM INDICATOR light had lit. I personally didn’t think they were too thick, but I reversed it out of the shredder, and tore into 2 pieces to reshred.

Credit cards shredded perfectly, although I think I’d prefer to dice them up angled rather than straight in. I could still read my full name on some of the shreddings.

To test their claims, I took 9 pieces of Staples Multipurpose Paper (20lb) from the ream, unprinted, and halfway through, the JAM INDICATOR light had lit and the shredder stopped. Copy paper is relatively thinner than the bank statements & sensitive “junk” mail I receive, so I don’t see 9 being plausible, unless it’s really thin paper. I had to work at getting those jammed sheets out while reversing, they were really in their tightly.

The basket opens easily, but if you have the shredder on a carpet, it doesn’t go back in easily without a little adjusting. Putting the shredder on my chair mat made opening & closing the basket a smooth process, for the most part. Dumping the basket can be pretty messing, especially if you’re dumping the basket into paper shopping bags like I use. Once you turn that basket to dump it, shreddings go all over the place; I had plenty to clean up off of the floor.

This machine is quiet, does a nice job of cross cutting, but when it comes to the sheet limit, keep it lower than 9. Also oiling is recommended, and it would have been nice if they’d provided a small container of oil. I have always used the shredder sheets in the past, so I’m going to use those up.

Overall I’m happy with this shredder and happy that the shredded waste pile considerably smaller than my old strip cut.