Fellowes 3229901 PowerShred 99Ci 17 Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder-shredder fellowes

Posted on January 26, 2013 by crosxscut

shredder fellowes
shredder fellowes
100% Jam Proof System eliminates paper jams and powers through tough jobs. SilentShred offers ultra-quiet performance for shared workspaces. Patented SafeSense Technology stops shredding when hands touch the paper opening. 2-year product and service warranty plus lifetime on cutters. 17 sheets per pass. 5/32-Inch x 1-1/2-Inchcross-cut particles (Security Level 4). Max run time: 25 minutes. 9-gallon pull-out bin. 25.19-Inch H x 13.81-Inch W x 17.75-Inch D. For 1-3 users. The item is a 120

Price: $ 588.48 / $ 229.00

NEW Jam Proof SystemSafe Sense TechnologyTime Saving Sheet Capacity Indicator.Sleek, Modern DesignEasy Empty 9-gallon pull-out bin and casters.100% Jam Proof System eliminates paper jamsSilentShred offers ultra-quiet performancePatented SafeSense Technology stops shredding when hands touch the paper opening5/32-Inch x 1-1/2-Inch cross-cut particles (Security Level 4)9-gallon pull-out bin

shredder fellowes

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Best Shredder…..EVER!!, February 22, 2008By Jarrett Gorin (Santa Barbara, CA) –

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We have owned two previous small business class shredders. This is our third. Without any doubt, it is the best shredder I have ever used/owned.

I bought this to replace our reliable Fellowes DM15C Shredder. That unit still works great, but my toddler son now has the dexterity and strength that would theoretically allow him to open up the sliding plastic CD/Credit Card sheild that served as the main barrier between his little hands and the powerful shredding mechanism. Also, after watching one of our cats activate the shredder twice in the past week while using it as an intermediate step to the office window, it seemed like a problem waiting to happen.

SAFE-SENSE (Every Shredder Should Have This)

The main thing I liked about the SB-99Ci is the Safe-Sense technology that shuts off the shredding blades when a hand (or any other body part) gets too close to the blades. In addtion to the no-brainer step of powering the thing off when I am not around, this technology looked like a very good backup protection to ensure that my young son retains all of his fingers until adulthood.

The Safe-Sense technology is extremely effective. I did not realize that it works by detecting fingers etc. when they come into contact with the metal trim that surrounds the shredder mouth (I thought the trim was just decorative…but it is functional). This is an extremely reliable detection method (i.e. vs/ tryng to detect motion or heat) and IMMEDIATELY shuts down the shredder if it is operating, or prevents it from operating at all if it has not started up yet. There is even a nice little LED indicator that lights up when the Safe-Sense shutoff is triggered, so it is very easy to test it out from time to time. Of course, there is a well hidden switch (that requires positive effort to adjust) that allows you to disable Safe-Sense if you don;t want/need it, but I can’t think of any good reason that anyone would want to do that.


While Safe-Sense was the primary motiviation for this purchase, I also really liked the clean and simple styling of the unit, and was very pleased to see that it has a good build-quality when I received it in-person.

Another pleasant surprise is how QUIET this thing is when it is operating. The motor is so quiet that the main thing you hear while it is doing its job, is the actual sound of the blades pulverizing whatever you are feeding into it. The motor is a low-level (and low frequency) drone in the background. I thought our previous Fellowes shredder was quiet, but the SB-99Ci puts it to shame.

The designers of this unit also added some enhancements that, although not totally neccessary, are very nice to have. For example, the strip of unique LED indicators on top of the shredder is great to have. Our previous unit had a single indicator for “bin-open" and “bin-full" which forced you to do limited investigation to figure out why it was lighting up. The SB-99Ci lets you know EXACTLY what is going on with an intuitive sybmol that lights up. Finally, the little progressive “efficiency graph" is neat to watch, although I doubt I would ever use it to optimize my shredding throughput, which is purportedly what it is designed for.

If you are looking for an attractively designed, well built, easy-to-use, and most importanly SAFE shredder for your home or small business, the Fellowes SB-99Ci is an excellent choice.