Shredder Essentials 6-Sheet Diamond-Cut Shredder-diamond cut paper shredder

diamond cut paper shredder
diamond cut paper shredder
With identity theft on the rise the federal government recommends shredders as an identity theft deterrent. The 6-sheet Diamond Cross Cut Shredder will shred up to 6 sheets of paper and 1 credit card. Strip cut shredding is currently the most efficient way to shred a large volume of papers but the cut size is not secure enough for most consumers. The solution is a cross cut, utilizing the low cost effectiveness of strip cut shredding while improving the cut size. This will be done by using a 2 s

Price: $ 45.99 / $ 81.77

Shreds up to 6 sheets of paper and 1 credit cardAuto Start / Stop with Reverse8.6″ Shred opening2.35 Gallon basket

diamond cut paper shredder

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Good unit, but consider your usage., April 21, 2010By M. E. Elgan “Mike” (USA) –

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The unit is extremely light duty. Six pages are possible, but pushing it. It will also do one credit card, which is good. Included with the manual is a warning sheet stating that the unit is rated at an average continuous run time of 2-4 minutes. Past that time, damage to the unit may result due to overheating and the warranty is voided for such misuse. The shredder paper slot is tight for an 8×11 sheet of paper, allowing little “wiggle room” of paper width.

It is a diamond cut which is better than a strip cut, but not as good as a crosscut for security purposes. The diamonds are approximately 1.5in.x1/4in. (HxW), measured at max width point (middle of diamond).
The unit is small, which could be a plus or a minus. Basket and shredder measure 13in.x11in.x6in. (HxWxD). The waste receptacle (basket) is not big, and will fill up often. It is nice that the top of the basket will fit into a plastic grocery bag, for easy emptying and inexpensive refuse disposal. There is a window on the front of the basket to indicate when it should be emptied, which is nice. It should be emptied at that time to prevent recirculating paper from damaging the shredder, according to the manual.

So far, the unit has worked well considering price and better shred security of the diamond cut versus strip cut.
The information previously stated is not a problem for me, though I will need to keep all the things in mind while using the unit.

For the price/performance, and as long as you keep the stated information in mind, the unit may well work well for you.