Aurora AS1018CD 10-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper/Credit Card/CD Shredder with Basket-10 sheet cross cut shredder

10 sheet cross cut shredder
10 sheet cross cut shredder
The Aurora AS1018CD Dual-Shred Crosscut Shredder lets you keep your Personal information out of criminal hands. Keep your desk clean and organized, while making sure confidential information is never read.

Price: $ 79.99 / $ 57.50

Shreds CD’s/DVD’s and credit cardsCrosscuts up to 10 sheets/Cut size: 5/32″ x 1 9/20″ pieces3 Mode Safety Switch and convenient handle to lift head unit off basketSafety interlock automatically shuts shredder off if head unit is removed from wastebasketBasket volume/capacity: 5.3 gallon/180 sheets

10 sheet cross cut shredder

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Great Shredder but Pricey, March 4, 2009By MadDog (Tempe, AZ) –

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I bought this shredder to replace an earlier Aurora shredder( AS1015CD ) which basically had identical functions as the AS1018CD. The CD/DVD shredding function has substantially improved over the AS1015CD. The CD/DVD/credit card pieces that came out of this shredder are even finer than the corresponding paper confetti and infinitely better than the 8 pieces( yes only 8 pieces and at times still attached )that came out of AS1015CD. So far, I have shredded paper, credit cards, and CDs with no major issue. Yes, the shredder makes horrible sounds when shredding CDs but it is normal and please stay calm. My typical shredding job is 200 to 300 sheets of 20 lb. 8-1/2 X 11 paper and the frequency is once per week. To date, the shredder has not over-heated at my utilization level( thanks to the improving ventilation design of the AS1018CD over AS1015CD ) and it has jammed only once( ironically by a single sheet of thicker paper but it resumed operation after I used the reverse function to undo the jam ). What I have not tried is AS1018CD’s ability to shred 10 sheets in a single pass. I have tried 6 sheets and it worked, but I did not, do not and will not try 10 sheets for fear doing so may damage the tiny gears that drive the cutter block. If that happened, the shredder is gone. My AS1015CD was ruined that way. Except for the price tag for this shredder( I paid only $43 + tax for my AS1015CD compared to $79.98 for this shredder at ), I am very happy with my purchase thus far although the long term durability of AS1018CD remains to be seen. Also, lubricating the shredder block with cooking oil is a good idea and it helps the shredding function. Putting oil in an envelope and then feed it to the shredder is a low cost alternative to lubricant sheets that are available in the market. Just make sure the oiled envelope spans the entire length of the feed slot, otherwise some part of the cutter block will not be lubricated. If you cannot find an envelope that spans the entire feed slot width, you may have to feed a nummber of oiled enveloped along the width of the feed slot to ensure the entire cutting block has been lubicated. One last thing: after the oiled envelope was shredded, run the shredder on reverse for 30 to 60 seconds to spread the oil within the cutter block.

Update( March 16, 2009 ): Jammed the second time over the weekend by acculmulated confetti on the cutter block. Operation resumed after using the reverse function. Recommend emptying or compacting confetti in the basket every 40 sheets of shredding. This shredder cuts regular paper staples like butter. No need to remove them from the papers before feeding to the shredder.